A Jumpstart Guide to Starting Your Sewing & Alterations Business

Welcome to The Sewing Garden — a place to learn and grow in your expertise and ability.

Grow your confidence in starting your own alterations and sewing business with this e-book, “A Jumpstart Guide to Starting Your Sewing & Alterations Business”

I’ve created this booklet to capture information that I wish I would have known when I started my business. I believe this information will be helpful for you as you jump in, especially if you have never run a business like this before!

The book will walk you through the following topics with exercises to activate plans behind getting started:

  1. Your Personal Motivations
  2. Your Sewing Expertise
  3. Paperwork to Get Started
  4. How to Attract Customers
  5. Your Place of Business

By the end you’ll be more equipped and confident in your ability to start your own sewing business!

I hope it helps you fall more in love with your passion and encourages you to bloom in the part of the world where you are planted!

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